Tiger 3 First Day Advance Booking Report

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Advance booking of 19.33 Cr has been done on the first-day advance booking of the Tiger 3 movie. The film has been released in theatres on 12 Nov 2023., with a budget of around ₹ 300 crore. Salman Khan Katrina Kaif, Emraan Hashmi, and Shah Rukh Khan are in the star cast of the movie. Tiger 3 movie is mainly available to watch in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu language which is available to watch in 2D, ICE, IMAX 2D, and 4DX.

Tiger 3 1st Day Advance Booking Gross

LanguageFormatGrossTickets Sold
HindiIMAX 2D669260610838
All India193296865 [19.33 Cr]737439

Tiger 3 State Wise 1st Day Advance Booking Reports [All Version]

StateGross [With Block Seats]Shows
Andhra Pradesh45.89 Lac [90.24 Lac]817
Arunachal Pradesh4.79 Lac [4.98 Lac]50
Assam64.33 Lac [69.24 Lac]285
Bihar30.23 Lac [36.05 Lac]283
Chhattisgarh14.04 Lac [17.45 Lac]393
Goa7.3 Lac [8.68 Lac]88
Gujarat1.75 Cr [2.31 Cr]2957
Haryana15.02 Lac [19.66 Lac]256
Himachal Pradesh1.36 Lac [2.6 Lac]85
Jharkhand19.63 Lac [23.31 Lac]150
Karnataka1.99 Cr [2.45 Cr]1091
Kerala28.33 Lac [41.8 Lac]373
Madhya Pradesh39.04 Lac [51.65 Lac]912
Maharashtra3.55 Cr [4.38 Cr]3012
Meghalaya1.3 Lac [1.51 Lac]10
Nagaland2.05 Lac [2.05 Lac]8
Odisha47.55 Lac [58.33 Lac]428
Punjab35.53 Lac [57.99 Lac]822
Rajasthan60.33 Lac [87.56 Lac]703
Sikkim1 K [1 K]3
Tamil Nadu53.53 Lac [70.23 Lac]333
Telangana1.54 Cr [2.29 Cr]789
Tripura2.1 Lac [2.18 Lac]34
Uttar Pradesh1.35 Cr [1.74 Cr]1209
Uttarakhand16.29 Lac [21.68 Lac]235
West Bengal1.81 Cr [1.99 Cr]902
Delhi2.28 Cr [3 Cr]1584
Jammu and Kashmir12.59 Lac [14.07 Lac]68

Tiger 3 (Hindi) (2D) 1st Day Advance Booking Reports (Main Regions)

RegionGross [With Block Seats]Shows
National Capital
Region (NCR)
2.08 Cr [2.71 Cr]1519
Mumbai2.2 Cr [2.62 Cr]1344
Pune43.52 Lac [64.66 Lac]483
Bengaluru1.34 Cr [1.63 Cr]588
Hyderabad1.29 Cr [1.82 Cr]481
Kolkata1.29 Cr [1.41 Cr]466
Ahmedabad50.36 Lac [66.86 Lac]867
Chennai32.91 Lac [35.96 Lac]126
Surat27.11 Lac [41.28 Lac]457
Jaipur32.02 Lac [43.25 Lac]244
Chandigarh7.77 Lac [13.53 Lac]171
Bhopal9.86 Lac [10.94 Lac]120
Lucknow23.68 Lac [36.01 Lac]302
Madurai99.98 K [1.07 Lac]4
Coimbatore4.73 Lac [4.89 Lac]16
Pondicherry1.21 Lac [1.21 Lac]4
Salem22.72 K [38.53 K]3
Vellore90.91 K [1.35 Lac]7
Kochi11.56 Lac [12.45 Lac]63
Trichy45.45 K [47.7 K]3
Trivandrum1.65 Lac [2.77 Lac]33
Vijayawada4.56 Lac [5.84 Lac]31
Warangal2.62 Lac [4.48 Lac]14
Guntur2.52 Lac [3.6 Lac]20
Vizag-Visakhapatnam4.27 Lac [6.31 Lac]38
Nizamabad3 Lac [4.94 Lac]15
Mysuru (Mysore)9.63 Lac [11.29 Lac]60
Hubballi (Hubli)2.9 Lac [3.66 Lac]29
Mangaluru (Mangalore)2.59 Lac [3.48 Lac]46
Kalaburagi (Gulbarga)5.14 Lac [6.14 Lac]19
Belagavi (Belgaum)2.76 Lac [3.51 Lac]17
Davanagere2.57 Lac [4.45 Lac]17
Agra10.72 Lac [14.75 Lac]70
Alappuzha34.29 K [1.95 Lac]18
Amritsar10.47 Lac [12.55 Lac]72
Anand4.2 Lac [4.69 Lac]177
Asansol1.88 K [1.88 K]3
Aurangabad10.39 Lac [11.68 Lac]96
Bhavnagar2 Lac [2.44 Lac]56
Bhawanipatna1.55 Lac [1.65 Lac]26
Bhubaneswar15.76 Lac [23.59 Lac]87
Dehradun3.83 Lac [4.17 Lac]64
Durgapur3.32 Lac [3.93 Lac]38
Gandhinagar4.25 Lac [6.87 Lac]90
Guwahati28.2 Lac [31.31 Lac]105
Gwalior2.1 Lac [3.12 Lac]44
Indore13.62 Lac [19.85 Lac]217
Jalandhar2.32 Lac [5.43 Lac]63
Jamnagar9.37 Lac [9.85 Lac]65
Jodhpur4.85 Lac [11.35 Lac]56
Kakinada16.05 K [47.99 K]4
Kanpur8.34 Lac [10.26 Lac]93
Karimnagar2.07 Lac [3.03 Lac]10
Kolhapur3.19 Lac [4.59 Lac]37
Kollam37.37 K [50.33 K]7
Kota4.06 Lac [5.08 Lac]51
Kottayam45.63 K [46.71 K]4
Kozhikode4.25 Lac [5.55 Lac]28
Kundapura12 K [17.6 K]9
Ludhiana5.29 Lac [12.12 Lac]96
Mahbubnagar71.1 K [72.9 K]4
Manipal1.42 Lac [1.73 Lac]16
Moga11.74 K [12.94 K]48
Nagpur9.92 Lac [12.99 Lac]132
Nashik5.5 Lac [7.3 Lac]44
Nellore1.77 Lac [2.73 Lac]11
Patiala68.08 K [1.35 Lac]25
Patna12.9 Lac [15.21 Lac]92
Raichur1.91 Lac [1.98 Lac]12
Raipur5.45 Lac [7.33 Lac]86
Rajkot14.54 Lac [17.15 Lac]119
Ranchi7.12 Lac [8.93 Lac]74
Sangli2.36 Lac [3.09 Lac]51
Shivamogga1.33 Lac [1.55 Lac]14
Siliguri6.09 Lac [8.46 Lac]54
Thrissur1.47 Lac [1.47 Lac]8
Tumakuru (Tumkur)2.59 Lac [2.76 Lac]14
Vadodara12.21 Lac [17.66 Lac]306

Tiger 3 (Hindi) (IMAX 2D) 1st Day Advance Booking Reports (Main Regions)

RegionGross [With Block Seats]Shows
National Capital
Region (NCR)
16.73 Lac [24.37 Lac]42
Mumbai15.54 Lac [18.3 Lac]28
Pune1.82 Lac [2.26 Lac]5
Bengaluru17.78 Lac [19.87 Lac]30
Kolkata4.17 Lac [5.36 Lac]5
Chennai4.7 Lac [11.57 Lac]10
Lucknow2.93 Lac [2.93 Lac]5
Coimbatore1.45 Lac [2.44 Lac]5
Trivandrum1.8 Lac [2.39 Lac]5

Tiger 3 (Hindi) (4DX) 1st Day Advance Booking Reports (Main Regions)

RegionGross [With Block Seats]Shows
National Capital
Region (NCR)
2.59 Lac [3.23 Lac]17
Mumbai4.12 Lac [5.25 Lac]13
Pune97.3 K [1.41 Lac]6
Bengaluru4.56 Lac [5.25 Lac]20
Hyderabad2.24 Lac [2.24 Lac]6
Ahmedabad1.4 Lac [1.49 Lac]3
Surat68.56 K [74.8 K]3
Jaipur19.28 K [19.28 K]3
Chandigarh1.4 Lac [1.4 Lac]3
Lucknow42.5 K [56.8 K]3
Kochi80.65 K [1.02 Lac]3
Trivandrum52.75 K [52.75 K]3
Dehradun21.76 K [21.76 K]3
Indore7.25 K [43.25 K]3

Tiger 3 (Hindi) (ICE) 1st Day Advance Booking Reports (Main Regions)

RegionGross [With Block Seats]Shows
National Capital Region (NCR)83.01 K [1.67 Lac]6
Bengaluru59.3 K [1.09 Lac]4

Tiger 3 (Telugu) (2D) 1st Day Advance Booking Reports (Main Regions)

RegionGross [With Block Seats]Shows
Bengaluru1.11 Lac [1.83 Lac]14
Hyderabad7.44 Lac [8.96 Lac]86
Vijayawada1.57 Lac [2.68 Lac]51
Warangal17.63 K [2.62 Lac]15
Guntur1.24 Lac [2.91 Lac]30
Vizag-Visakhapatnam1.86 Lac [8.35 Lac]65
Nizamabad1.13 Lac [1.19 Lac]4
Kakinada1.41 Lac [2.77 Lac]23
Karimnagar10.39 K [18.65 K]2
Mahbubnagar900 [14.1 K]4
Nellore61.97 K [1.44 Lac]19

Tiger 3 (Tamil) (2D) 1st Day Advance Booking Reports (Main Regions)

RegionGross [With Block Seats]Shows
Chennai1.59 Lac [3.69 Lac]58
Madurai47.29 K [50.71 K]6
Coimbatore27.85 K [52.17 K]11
Pondicherry4.63 K [14.12 K]1
Vellore12.09 K [36.49 K]6
Dindigul5.51 K [10.45 K]2
Trichy9.24 K [17.22 K]2
Trivandrum1.9 K [70.72 K]6


How much did the Tiger 3 movies earn in advance booking on Day 2?

A collection of 19.33 Cr was done in advance booking of the Tiger 3 movie on the second day.

In which language were Tiger 3 movies released?

The Tiger 3 movie has been released in the Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu languages.

Where to do advance booking of Tiger 3 movie?

Advance booking of Tiger 3 movies can be done through BookMyShow.

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