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Simhadri 4K is the most super hit Tollywood Movie in the Box Office Collection 2023 its World Wide Box Office Collection has collected 4.95 Crores and in India Net Collection of 3.37 Crores collection is available to watch Tollywood Movie 2023 released about 5 movies, out of which almost 1 film superhit, many other films are completely available to watch flop here, in this way, you have been given the best information in the table below.

Tollywood 2023 Box Office Collection & hit or flop

Movie NameGross Worldwide Box Office CollectionBudget (Cost+ P&A)
Tiger Nageswara Rao41.31 cr
Leo508.751 cr
Bhagavanth Kesari94.031 cr
Maama Mascheendra1 cr
Rules Ranjann2.11 cr
The Exorcist: Believer9301 cr
Mad (2023)24.751 cr
Peddha Kapu: Part 11.51 cr
Chithha1 cr
Chandramukhi 254.1 cr1 cr
Skanda53 cr 1 cr
Expend4bles1 cr
Mark Antony102.2 cr1 cr
The Nun 22150 cr1 cr
Miss. Shetty
Mr. Polishetty 
32.45 Crore25 Crore
Jawaan (All Languages) 369.43 Crore300 Crore
Kushi74.45 Crore100 Crore
Jailer604 Crore200 Crore
King Of Kotha35 Crore60 Crore
Bedurulanka 20129.51 Crore10 Crore
Gandeevadhari Arjuna3.02 Crore42 Crore
Bhola Shankar47.5 Crore140 Crore
Businessman4k5.31 Crore40 Crore
Bro114.8 Crore140 Crore
Baby80.1 Crore12 Crore
Hidimbha5.15 Crore12 Crore
Mahaveerudu/ Maaveeran80 Crore85 Crore
Nayakudu/ Maamannan71.5 Crore25 Crore
Rangabali7.25 Crore12 Crore
Spy29.51 Crore28 Crore
Samajavaragamana30.45 Crore8 Crore
Adipurush 411.45 Crore500 Crore
Bichagadu 236.2 Crore30 Crore
Anni Manchi Sakunamule4.45 Crore12 Crore
Custody14 Crore45 Crore
Virupaksha90.25 Crore44 Crore
PS 2342.4 Crore250 Crore
2018179.4 Crore24 Crore
Rama Banam6.95 Crore28 Crore
Ugram5.75 Crore15 Crore
Agent12.8 Crore65 Crore
Shaakuntalam10.52 Crore60 Crore
Raavansura22.1 Crore40 Crore
Dasara 114.14 Crore85 Crore
Meter0.9 Crore8 Crore
Vidhuthalai38.9 Crore25 Crore
Pathu Thala34.2 Crore35 Crore
Das Ki Dhamki 22.61 Crore20 Crore
Rangamarthanda4.15 Crore8 Crore
Kabzaa51.45 Crore120 Crore
Phalana Abbayi Phalana Ammayi2.21 Crore8 Crore
Balagam22.4 Crore4 Crore
Sir/Vaathi116.99 Crore50 Crore
VBVK9.95 Crore7.5 Crore
Amigos18.25 Crore26 Crore
Michael17.35 Crore10 Crore
Writer Padmabhushan10.56 Crore6 Crore
Waltair Veerayya 223.44 Crore140 Crore
Veera Simha Reddy131.08 Crore110 Crore
Various302.41 Crore260 Crore
Thunivu 201.09 Crore200 Crore
Varisu (Telugu)27.55 Crore260 Crore
Dhamaka83.85 Crore40 Crore
18 Pages23.65 Crore16 Crore
Avatar 2 (Telugu)101.98 Crore200 Crore
Hit 242.56 Crore15 Crore
Love Today (Telugu)13.68 Crore18 Crore
Love Today94.64 Crore18 Crore
Gaalodu10.46 Crore8 Crore
Itlu Maredumilli Prajaneekam3.58 Crore5 Crore
Masooda10.54 Crore5 Crore
Yashoda32.71 Crore40 Crore
Urvasivo Rakshasivo8.8 Crore15 Crore
Sardaar94.41 Crore45 Crore
Prince46.8 Crore60 Crore
Ori Devuda10.2 Crore10 Crore
Kantara (Telugu)60 Crore16 Crore
Godfather119.09  Crore135 Crore
The Ghost12.17 Crore45 Crore
PS1 497.9 Crore250 Crore
PS1 (Telugu) 18.6 Crore250 Crore
Krishna Vrinda Vihari7.76 Crore20 Crore
AAGMC1.4 Crore10 Crore
NMBKV1.6 Crore10 Crore
VTK (Tamil)51.1 Crore40 Crore
Brahmastra  425 Crore410 Crore
Brahmastra (Telugu)  29.75 Crore410 Crore
Oke Oka Jeevitham 23.55 Crore20 Crore
Ranga Ranga Vaibhavanga6.85 Crore26 Crore
Cobra (All Languages)68.1 Crore90 Crore
Liger71.74 Crore110 Crore
Karthikeya 2117.81 Crore15 Crore
Bimbisara65.13 Crore40 Crore
Sita Ramam97.38 Crore30 Crore
Macherla Niyojakavargam16.65 Crore30 Crore
Rama Rao on Duty9.26 Crore30 Crore
Vikrant Rona (Telugu)7.75 Crore95 Crore
Vikrant Rona (All Languages)123.5 Crore95 Crore
Thank You7.46 Crore30 Crore
The Warrior37.31 Crore40 Crore
Happy Birthday2.75 Crore8 Crore
Pakka Commercial15.23 Crore30 Crore
Sammathame4.7 Crore8 Crore
Chor Bazaar2.1 Crore7 Crore
Virata Parvam6.9 Crore15 Crore
Ante Sundaraniki38 Crore45 Crore
Major 64 Crore30 Crore
Vikram (Tamil)445.8 Crore150 Crore
F3100.2 Crore70 Crore
SVP 187.17 Crore140 Crore
Acharya76.7 Crore140 Crore
KGF Chapter 21235 Crore100 Crore
Arjuna Kalyanam 8.5 Crore12 Crore
RRR 1133 Crore600 Crore
Beast (Tamil) 235.05 Crore150 Crore
Ghani 7.5 Crore50 Crore
Radhe Shyam156.4 Crore300 Crore
Bheemla Nayak159.1 Crore75 Crore
Aadavallu Meeku Johaarlu13.5 Crore30 Crore
Khiladi24.42 Crore60 Crore
DJ Tillu30.3 Crore20 Crore
Bangarraju64.9 Crore35 Crore

Top 10 Tollywood Movies (India Telugu Net Collection) 2023

RankMovieIndia TeluguNet
1Waltair Veerayya159.68
3Veera Simha Reddy97.64
7Baby (2023)63.96

Top 10 Tollywood Movies (Opening Day Collection) 2023

MovieOpening Day
Veera Simha Reddy33.6
Waltair Veerayya29.3
Bholaa Shankar16.25

Top 10 Tollywood Movies (1st Weekend Collection) 2023

* All collections are in Indian Rupee (INR) and in Crores.

MovieWorldwideOpening Weekend
Waltair Veerayya21969.18
Veera Simha Reddy13063.82
Bholaa Shankar42.2525.98

Here you people get to see the box office collection report of Tollywood movies, where all the Tollywood movies that have been released in 2023 can be seen including India Net Collection and World Wide Box Office Collection. However, it is provided here that the report has been provided through its own research, and no authenticity will be proved in it, Here mainly all the information has been given to you from its own research.

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