Vivesini Box Office Collection, budget, hit or flop, screen count & other cinema info

The first day box office collection of Vivesini movie is about ₹ 2 L, which is more than all the other movies, while talking about its budget, it is Rs 3 crores. The film has been made with a budget of Rs 3 crores and the information about the film’s hit and flop complete screen count has been shared below. At the same time, let us tell you that this film is a Tamil language movie to watch.

In which we get to see, horror and drama, at the same time it is seen that the names of the actors in this movie are Nassar and Suresh Chakravarthi, so in the movie you get to see not all these actors, who are the best leads in this movie. When will the film be released? The film will be released on 15 December 2023.

If you go, you get to watch not a high quality but a middle class movie, the trailer of which has also been released. Seeing the trailer, people seem very excited and start searching about the release date of the movie and they They seem very excited to watch the movie, so if you want to watch this movie, then it has been released on 15 December 2023, you can watch it.

Vivesini Box Office Collection Overview

movie nameVivesini
release date15 December 2023
box office collection₹ 2 L (day1)
worldwide collectionTBA
budget3 cr
hit or flopcoming
Mekha Rajan
Suresh Chakravarthy
Vanessa Stevenson
Vishal Rajan

Here you will be given a lot of information about the movie Vivesini, such as you will be told about the box office collection of the movie, while if we talk about the release date of this movie, you will get 15th December. The movie will be released in 2023, which will be a much better movie to watch, while the first day box office collection of the movie will be ₹ 2 L

If we talk about the budget of this movie, then this movie has been made with an investment of Rs 3 crores, the language of which you get to watch is Tamil language and the movie is ready for release with excellent acting by many people. Well, it has been seen that many days have passed since its trailer was released, which makes watching the trailer a lot of fun.

opening day collection; ₹ 2 L

opening weekend collectionTBA

week 1 collection; TBA

Vivesini Box Office Collection day wise

day 115 December 2023₹ 2 L
day 216 December 2023₹ 3 L
day 317 December 2023₹ 2 L
day 418 December 2023₹ 2 L
day 519 December 2023_
day 620 December 2023_
day 721 December 2023_
Total_₹ 9 L

India net collection; ₹ 9 L

worldwide collectionTBA

overuse collectionTBA

india gross collection; TBA

About the box office collection of Vivesini movie, the answer will be given here, that is, it will be shared giving authentic information about the one week box office collection of the movie, although the authentic information of some movies is not available but it is seen only here. This is not the authentic information about the box office collection of the film, 1 day box office collection, however, as per your information, let us tell you that the box office collection of this film is ₹ 2 L, for all of you to see. will go

Vivesini movie budget

The film has been made on a budget of ₹ 3 crore, of which approximately ₹ 2 crore is the production cost and including the fees of the star cast, approximately ₹ 1 crore has been spent. Overall, this film has been made in the budget of Vivesini Film. Overall, according to the report, the budget of the film is Rs 3 crore. And many types of information can be obtained about it, by the way, let us tell you that now the trailer has been released which gives you a better chance to watch, so when will this film be released? You will get to watch the movie in theaters on December 2023.

Vivesini movie screen count

The screen account of Vivesini movie will be released on 200 screen counts in India and it will be released on 100 screens in India. At the same time, let us tell you that its total worldwide screen count is released on 300 screens for viewing, which you can get very well. You can watch it on 300 screens and you will get to watch this movie in a much better way.

Vivesini movie trailer

Talking about the trailer of Vivesini movie, its trailer is very exciting to watch. All the people who have seen its trailer are waiting for the film. However, the release date of the film has been announced which is available to you. The film is available to watch on December 15, 2023, although the trailer has not been released for many days, but it has been two weeks since the trailer was released and its trailer is also available to watch very well, so if you want this If you have not seen the trailer of the movie, then the trailer of this Tamil language movie has been provided through our website, you can watch it on April.


The box office collection data provided here may be estimated and complete predictions, but in most cases, the information provided above is provided by researching the information through some official sources original newsprint, and an official Twitter handle. This is done with complete confidence. We do not claim any kind of authenticity of the data available here.


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